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Itaú USA Asset Management

At Itaú USA Asset Management (IUAM), our goal is to provide sound guidance and deliver quality investment solutions to our valued clients.

Navigating the intricate world of investments requires a blend of experience, knowledge, and insight. At IUAM, we believe in the power of diversified strategies to drive long-term success. Our range of investment options involves various approaches, catering to different risk profiles and financial objectives. Whether you seek active management, benchmark-oriented strategies, asset allocation for balanced risk management, or absolute return strategies, we have the experienced professionals to help guide you.

Part of the Itaú Asset Management Family

IUAM is affiliated with Itaú Unibanco Asset Management Ltda., and together they comprise the Itaú Asset Management (IAM) family.

As a part of the IAM family, we draw on the vast resources and expertise of the largest privately-owned asset manager in Latin America. Our roots trace back to 1957 when IAM launched Brazil’s first equity mutual fund. Today, with more than 65 years of experience, IAM remains at the forefront of the South American financial sector, guiding investors through ever-changing market dynamics.

IAM is part of Itaú Unibanco Holding, the largest Brazilian private bank by market value, and the most valuable brand in Latin America, according to Brand Finance’s 2023 Global 500 Ranking. With a vast array of sector-specific products in Brazil, as well as through our brands and business partnerships, we offer a wide range of services across several channels, making Itaú Unibanco Holding a full-service universal bank.

At IUAM, we understand that trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. Over the years, we have built lasting partnerships with our clients by always looking out for our clients’ interests. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Your financial goals and aspirations are the driving force behind our strategies and solutions. With a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs, risk appetite, and time horizon, we work collaboratively to design a tailor-made investment plan that aligns with your objectives.

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Our values – Itaú Unibanco Holding

Culture is not a new subject for us; on the contrary, it has always been extremely important to our identity. If technology is important to our digitalization and evolution as a financial institution, people are even more important to our goal to be the best financial institution for our customers. We highly value our history and everything that has brought us here.

We learn, we grow and, with so many changes in the world, in the market, and in our society, we need to constantly evolve and transform ourselves, we need to have a new look at the values that guide our daily routine, and also demand new behaviors and attitudes from ourselves to achieve our goals. It’s about staying relevant and continuously making a difference in the lives of our clients.

We must be humble in the face of an era of accelerated production of knowledge, which demands continuous learning from us. And we need unity and diversity to stimulate talent and innovation capable of dealing with an increasingly complex reality.

Ethics are non-negotiable


  • We innovate based on our clients’ needs
  • We strive to make things simple


  • We are curious about the world and are learning
  • We test, make mistakes, learn, and improve
  • We use data intensively, to learn, and to make better decisions


  • We trust in each other
  • We help each other and ask for help
  • We, together, make one Itaú


  • We are ambitious in our goals and efficient in our execution
  • We aim to cause a positive impact on society


  • We are as diverse as our clients
  • We welcome different points of view
  • We stay true to who we are and we express ourselves openly